Julie Nieuwenhuys

Chief Powder Officer
Rider & writer

Caroline van ‘t Hoff

SKI EO & Photographer

Len Eggink,

SKI IO, Drone Pilot

Sure it is unexpected, three Dutch ladies living in a country below sea level, being addicted to powder. How else would you describe people who have more skis at home than chairs, who take a 15 month “ski-battical” and of which one is known as Juulski?

Caroline and Julie met seven years ago during an avalanche course and quickly realized we had the same dream: skiing powder, preferably every day. So we put our serious corporate careers on hold and started redefining our lives by becoming ‘ski journalists’ a self-created title. Caroline is our self taught photographer, and I (Juulski) am the rider and writer. With our pink business cards (sometimes referred to as the pink discount card by friends), hundreds of emails and many sleepless nights, we came up with a way to ski full time during winter. However we also had to do a lot of convincing and explaining in order to balance our city life, with this constant urge to ski. In The Netherlands most people associate skiing with just a weeklong winter holiday – while for us it is a way of life. It took a few years, but now people know what to expect: during winter, you will find us in the mountains. Three years ago we were joined by the third Dutchie, Len who adds a new perspective with her drone.

Our stories have been published in over 20 different countries and our pictures have been used in international marketing campaigns. The last years we  grew our online presence via our own social media channels and through different partnerships. We are influencers for TUI, Salomon & Atomic and are sponsored by Peak Performance, Salomon, Poederbaas, Hestra & Oakley. Even though we don’t ski full time anymore, we try to balance our corporate careers with as many ski trips as possible. For about 5-6 weeks a year we still travel to the most exotic and adventurous places in the world and we hope to meet you during one of our trips!